Monday, January 16, 2017

Various Artists - "Songs The Missing Souls Taught Us" (WAIL TAPE 01)

Hi there! Hope 2017 will be a far better year for each and every single one of you guys and gals.

I know it's been a while since the last time but you know... Not much spare time, not much appetite, not much in general. It seems that I lost my mojo (or interest) for bloggin' matters, but I'm not shutting down the damn thing, cause I love it so much and it gave me even more the last 7 years. And maybe it's for better to post something when I'm really in the mood for it. So keep checkin' people, I'm sure from time to time will pop up something cool from your old hang out.

Anyway, on our subject: Some of the things that failed to renew my faith on modern bands lately, is the lack of fantasy and passion. Most of 'em seem to stay on the "looking good" concerns and they're recycling the same old cliches. I mean OK, you're not going to re-invent the wheel by playing rock & roll, but if you don't have faith, passion in your music, fuckin' leave it man, try something else for your own good (and ours)... Maybe I'm an old fart now, but I'd rather listen to Slim Harpo or The Pretty Things than to place an LP by the Tell Tale Hearts, and believe me I dig A LOT Mike Stax's old comrades. So, if I'm bored with a band like the Hearts lately, go figure what happens with a much newer combo who choose to play R&B or garage with a much less passion...

The Missing Souls outta Lyon, France are the real shit though, trust me! After three singles and a full album, these soulful fuzz-nuts made me ask for more every single time I put one of their slices on my turntable, man and believe me that's an often repeated procedure the last few months. They don't write songs of their own, but who fuckin' cares with a taste like this!!? Their ability to choose and rebuild amazing 60s garage-frat-punk and obscure soul classics having me not caring at all for not owning "original" material. In fact, I'm praying to stay that way!

If you haven't bought some (if not all) of their stuff already, stop reading now and go place an order. I mean, NOW brothers and sisters! In any other case, you definitely understand why I'm raving so much about them and decided to make a comp with all the original versions they have picked on so far. Again, this was at first for my own listening pleasure, but it's such a good selection of songs that I had to share it with you people.

Woooo, my (missing) soul!!!!



  1. 320kbps:

  2. so cool...


  3. very nice. thanks! dave from san francisco

  4. You RULE Mihaleez! Keep up the good work!

  5. Good to hear you, man! 2017 doesn't sound that good but who knows... Anyway I'm glad to hear from you from time to time on this great blog and see that you still got soul. Cheers!

  6. Seems like I need some schooling - I'm not familiar with The Missing Souls! Thanks for the heads up and the compilation!!!

    Martin Luther Presley

  7. Thanks for putting this together. Agree that 2016 generally sucked, swallowed, and then shit the bed in pretty much every possible way. Maybe this is a first step towards gargling with some metaphorical mouthwash, ditching the dirty bedsheets, and blasting out some of the crust and cobwebs that crappy year left stuck in our souls. Keep up the good work and hope you continue to fill up on the Slim Harpo-style passion that fuels the WTS online engine!

    Also: as I write this, Donald J. Trump is literally taking the oath of office. If ever there was a time to blast good, honest, dirty rock 'n' roll in all its most passionate forms, that time is now. Gonna crank up this comp NOW!!!

  8. Thank you for Jack 'O Fire :-)) I see you've looking for those 10 " It's Happening " albums , well i have 7 of them on an old usb :s I've loaded one up for you ... let me hear if you have interest in the others six , greeting from Belgium.

    1. I've found them by the Twilight Zone blog but many many thanks for getting in trouble to share these for me! Cheers.

  9. Ah, merci. Je ne connaissais pas ce groupe et je suis allé checker quelques morceaux, c'est très bon!